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Fractional Horsepower Refrigeration Assembly Lines

Condenser Prep

Compressor Prep

This is a glimpse of our fractional horsepower assembly line. The unit being manufactured uses an Aspera compressor, static condenser (no fan) and roll bond evaporator. These refrigeration units are very simple in design, extremely reliable, boasting a failure rate of less than 1/10 of 1% during the manufacturer's warranty period.

Aspera Compressors
with wiring harness.

60 Compressors
ready for install

We manufacture no products of our own. We are a true "value added supplier". We specialize in whole or partial assembly of your refrigerated product.

Most of the products we have made in the past and those which are currently in production are 5 horsepower or less, including fractional horsepower units as shown above.

Let us quote on your refrigerated product production needs.