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Private Label Contract

Compressor & Condensate Pan

Roll Bond Evaporator

Custom Drop-in Refrigeration Units

We ship this as a complete stand-alone refrigeration unit, fully charged and tested for 8 hours on our 42 station digital test stand. It slips into the back of a refrigerated case. This cassette style of refrigeration means we don't have to man-handle or ship the bulky cabinet. A tremendous side benefit is that warranty units in the field can be handled by anyone with a screwdriver. If for any reason it fails just swap it out with a hot spare and ship the failure to us for repair. The design of this unit makes so much sense. It totally eliminates the need for a refrigeration technician in the field and speeds up the repair process immeasurably. What could be simpler?

Static Condenser

Compressor & Condenser Assembly

No fans inside or out means this unit is ultra-reliable. It also is equipped with a plastic condensate pan with intragal headline to boil off condensate water collected by the evaporator. This particular unit also has a defrost timer to eliminate any chance of frost build-up. To date we have manufactured nearly 17,000 of this style unit under a private label contract.