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Custom Refrigerated Chiller Assembly

3 hp chiller assembly line

3 hp chiller with compressor

We manufacture the base unit for a 3 hp industrial chiller. We are are a value added supplier and therefore only make a portion of this high quality unit. Each unit goes through basic mechanical assembly, brazing of the inter-connecting copper tubing, adequate deep vacuum, refrigerant charging and leak check. It then leaves our plant for final assembly at our customer's facility.

Industrial Refrigeration Services

Flat Plate Evaporators
after silver brazing

Pallet of Condensers

All of the units of this particular design go through a helium pressure leak check utilizing a helium spectron analyzer, an extended deep vacuum with digital vacuum meter and a refrigerant leak check after charging. All of this boils down to a triple leak check process for zero defects and a long lasting clean refrigeration system. Not all industries need this type of triple quality assurance but it's something we do everyday per our customers specification.

Quality and on time delivery is what we do all day, every day, year after year.