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About Refrigeration Services

Refrigeration Services is a Minnesota corporation that has been doing business since February of 1990. We are a small business that specializes in subcontracting generally to larger firms that need a high quality value added supplier. Many of our projects are skeletal portions of refrigerated products that get incorporated into our customers' finished goods at their plants. In fact a few of our customers have opted to eliminate or downsize their refrigeration department and strictly use our expertise.

We can help design, prototype and manufacture your next refrigerated product. From small refrigerated cases to industrial chillers for lasers or machining, to compressed air dryers for removal of moisture in comperssed air lines.

We are also intimately familiar with EPA regulations regarding the safety and use of all common refrigerants. We are well versed in proper refrigerant recovery techniques as well as what constitutes an unlawful discharge into the atmosphere. Our plant utilizes three refrigerants for the bulk of our products. R134A, R404A and R22 and these are generally on hand in pallet-load quantities

UL and CSA

Over the years we have had to comply with various inspection agencies such as UL and CSA when manufacturing whole refrigerated systems. We are well versed in the procedural requirements and paper-work needed to produce an approved product.

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