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Our Corporate

We are a true "value added" supplier to the refrigeration industry.

Great people are the reason.

The refrigeration industry has seen many changes over the last several years most of which were caused by new laws passed by our federal government about environmental concerns. Much of our job has been to stay informed about these changes and keep our customer base informed and out of trouble since the penal

ties can be very very stiff.
All of our technicians throughout the year attend a minimum of 3 selected refrigeration training seminars and schools to constantly update ourselves and stay ahead of the curve.
We are also a member of RSES (Refrigeration Service Engineers Society) and we subscribe to 10

separate trade journals pertaining to our industry.
Our knowledge of the industry is what makes us a better choice for design and assembly of a new product or for a timely response if your customer has a question.
We'll be there to get the job done.